The New M.E. Generation

The week after the lunch, I reached out to LZ1 as per the usual. The texting continued during the morning commute and work hours, but brief.

Believe I tried calling him during the weekend with no luck. He replied that couldn’t answer because ‘was underneath his car wrenching it with a buddy’. They were to work on it for some more hours and then go eat. Next day, same thing.

Following week I was getting off of work early because of an event that was to cause major traffic jams. Texted if he wanted to meet up with me; he said that ‘was also allowing his employees to leave early although he was staying, and had an event early evening he couldn’t get out off’.

Anyways, my car was giving me trouble and had to get it serviced, which was stressing me out. Had invested in major repairs 6 months earlier and now it had new problems.

He knew about a minor repair around the time I met him, to which he had followed up. But didn’t tell him of this one because his distancing was already happening.

For starters, he was no longer taking the initiative of texting me. Then one day when I took a selfie during my lunch break, instead of replying with the usual words of ‘gorgeous’ or ‘beautiful’ with some cute emojis, he simply said ‘nice!’. That felt like getting splashed with cold water.

The following week he finally underwent the scheduled colonoscopy on a Friday; he had said it was supposed to be on Saturday. His explanation was that ‘it was moved up a day’. His mom was to drive him home.

Tried calling him that night (thinking for sure would get a hold of him), but it went to voicemail. His excuse: ‘he was sore all over.’ As ‘so sore’ you can’t answer your phone??

Tried again next day; same situation. I got upset and left him a message: “Wow, you really meant it when you said that you don’t like talking on the phone!!! Whatever. Bye.” His response was again ‘still feeling pain’. Yeah, like you being a pain in the ass, literally.

Believe another week went by when I last attempted to call him on the weekend. This time there was no response from him in any way. I then knew it was the end of (nothing, I guess).

It was on Monday, a few minutes before midnight, when he decided to finally ‘show face’: “Hi, I’m sorry I have been avoiding you, but I can’t see you anymore. I’m in a bad place in my life right now and I can’t give you the attention you deserve, nor do I want to be in any kind of relationship. I’m sorry I strung this along for two weeks, I thought I would emerge from this one problem, but another has surfaced which is even worse. I don’t feel like talking about it either. Between work and this latest thing it would not be fair to you. You’re really nice woman, attractive and smart. You deserve a lot better than me, that’s for sure. I’m very sorry. Hope you understand.”

I was both upset and not. Was because he turned out to be another coward who didn’t have the balls to have a conversation with me. Not because this repeated facade has become the norm among the men that are crossing my life. The ‘Surprise, surprise’ sarcasm still stands here.

If this text message was to play out in a movie, it would probably go something like this.

I didn’t respond immediately. I allowed myself 2 days to really think it over. Ever heard the expression ‘the quiet before the storm’?

“First of all, that you don’t want to be in a relationship is a lie. You don’t want to be with me. I bet you the little money I have on the bank that the day you meet someone that interests you, you will move heaven and earth to make it work. That you’re going through a bad moment? So is everyone else. The ‘bad timing’ is a fallacy. It’s a cop-out.

Second, it’s an insult that you tell me I deserve better when you don’t know anything about my life to make that statement.

Third, you don’t want to talk about your problem? Fine. Remember my words that one day it will explode on you like a firecracker on a 4th of July.

Fourth, that I’m pretty, etc., is the same thing as getting a consolation prize. You’re using it to try to make me feel better. Cop-out.

Fifth, not answering calls is immature and cowardly. You’re not a millennial and neither am I. Especially sending a message almost at midnight. Face things. Don’t hide. Get updated. Grow up. Another cop-out.

I’m sure that you got disenchanted the day of the lunch. And not giving yourself the chance to see if at least a friendship could happen looks bad on you. Your loss. I’m worth a lot more than you cared to know.

Last but not least, life it’s not just about you, and you, and you. One day you’ll realize what you missed on. You’ll remember me when that happens. Good luck.”


Don’t you just hate going into your social profile and always see the same people posting the same photos, in the same poses, especially those of couples?

People, we get it, you’re happy! It’s also annoying. Enough of it!

And speaking of those shots that just make you want to ‘delete’ all those who post them, I came across some more photos of the ‘beach guy’ that were tagged by his ex some time in October of last year.

Their children also appeared and they were posing in family-style photos, looking as if the two of them were still together or as if nothing has happened between them.

This made me upset because this guy had expressed to me way back that he wasn’t happy in how she was behaving with him during this separation, especially for the fact that she quickly moved on and very much involved with a new man.

Even more, the caption of the photo read, ‘Redefining family’.

I felt that both of them are total a-holes. Starting with him, if you’re mad at her, why are you still ‘Friends’ with her and, on top of that, getting your picture taken with her? If I were you, I wouldn’t talk to her at all, unless it had to do with the children or a life-threatening situation. Otherwise, ‘speak to my lawyer!’

And, you, bitch, what you’re doing is wrong and a terrible example for your children! Want to screw with your boyfriend or anyone else, do it while single!

And that line of ‘redefining family’, you’re just looking in your own little world for others to tell you that what you’re doing is fine when you damn well know it’s not!

A family is one set of parents, not being with someone and playing with whoever is next-in-line, unless the three of you enjoy the ‘switch-a-roo’ game.

My emotions got really ‘menopausal’ and felt somewhat lied by this guy. I’ve really gotten to the point that I actually don’t like him as a person that much any more.

As the days go by, he’s becoming less and less present on my thoughts, and more becoming a distant memory, like the way it happened in high school.

So where do I take it from here? Nowhere. He hasn’t made the effort to come here and will never do, so nothing will happen here.

The end? Probably.

“Hey, what’s up?” asked I to Ivan.

“Working, working. It’s non-stop,” said he in his usual exhausted tone of voice.

“Whatever…Hey I get it. You don’t have space in your life for me or I’m not the one for you. I’ll be fine. You’re not the first guy that has been in my life and disappeared for some reason. Online dating or not, it had the same result.”

I started talking too much and my emotions came afloat, and almost started crying while talking to him. This is exactly what I did not want to happen.

“Emma, I hear you. I’ve been in your shoes too. But you know it is not that I have no interest in you. It’s my job. I promise I will make an effort to call you.”

You promise? Yeah, right! I nodded my head side to side and sighed in frustration because I knew it was not going to happen.

“If you say so,” I concluded.

And as usual, the conversation didn’t last very long. There was a dinner being held at his employer’s residence and he was in charge of the whole event. Meaning, this day was to end very late into the night, like so many others for him.

The phone call ended and I was very sad. I had a feeling this was the last time we would speak on the phone, and probably the end of whatever we shared.

Should I give him a last chance to prove himself wrong?

Between you and me, no, I don’t think he will.

Ross is looking really uncomfortable with my presence. He’s even moving his eyes away from me constantly.

The one who’s acting like a wolf now is me. I’m standing there very still, staring at him straight into his eyes without even blinking.

Heck, I was so under control that I was even hardly breathing and ready to attack him when he least expected it.

I don’t remember how, but I did manage to shift the topic to that of love relationships and he started going in the direction that in that area he hasn’t been handling it well, to which I replied, “yeah, like when you dumped me when you didn’t call me back when you said you would, and not hearing about you ever again.”

Ross once again looked away and had a face of not knowing what to do or say.

“Well, that is how people in this city are” said he. “You go out with them and then they disappear without a trace for no apparent reason.”

I’m still standing still but now with an exaggerated look of ‘WTF are you talking about??’ Oh, I get it. You dated some chick that later dumped you and now you did it to me, and other women, to get even at life?

What a jerk! Honestly, you should change your name to A-Hole.

Ross realized what a total jackass he has made of himself and quickly shifted topics.

“So…what else are you up to?” asked he.

“Well, for starters, I have a blog,” I answered.

“And…what do you write about??”

“About my single life and the guys I’ve met.”

(Ross’s eyes opened real wide and he now has a very concerned look.) “Am I in it??”

“Oh yes you are!” said I with a very big smile on my face. (Score!! Revenge can be so awfully sweet don’t you think?)

Ross doesn’t know where to go from here. I can’t stand being here talking to this guy any longer so I decide to break away.

“There’s someone here I want to say ‘hello’ to…”

“Yeah,” said Ross, “see you in next month’s event.” Ross ran away as fast as an animal runs when being chased or hunted, which at this point didn’t surprise me (him or his behavior).

I didn’t get to say the last word, but this I can definitely say about this ‘not even close’ children’ story: “Y colorín colorado, este cuento se ha acabado” (Snip, snap out, this tale’s told out).

In other words: The End.

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