The New M.E. Generation

After ‘disconnecting’ with Dina, I headed straight to water skiing. I was a ‘woman on a mission,’ and even passed the opportunity to do the trapeze. As it respected to this day, I was not interesting in reaching new heights by flying through the air.

I’m not going to give you ‘the full monty’ of my whole experience. What mattered that afternoon was that I got up on the skies and did it. All the guys there, including Jay, cheered at me when I successfully skied away.

At moments my mind traveled back to that day when I first tried it. All I could think was that this was not the first time I ‘fell’, but one of way too many that I did throughout my former marriage.

Although it did ended in a divorce, I don’t know how, but the more I fell, the more I got up on my feet, finding somehow the strength needed to keep going.

In a certain way life is like water skiing. You have to hold on to that rope as hard as you can and never let go of it. Think of it as if you were holding on to dear life.

And if you fall into the water (or in life), get yourself together and keep getting up. You will probably fail a couple of times, but somewhere ‘along the line,’ you will make it.

One more thing. When you finally get up on your feet (or skies), don’t look back. You can only move forward. The past is gone and so should all those bad memories. You never know, you might be heading for the ride of your life.

Trust me on this one.

Dina and I are on our way to take the stairs to exit the dinning hall when I encounter guy #3 of the day.

David, who was born and raised in Latin America and now living in the Northeast US, was promoting his product, the drink ‘AfterShot.’

AfterShot was scientifically formulated, plus is caffeine and preservative free. The whole deal is that you’re supposed to drink it before you start drinking ‘the heavy stuff’ or partying the night away, to avoid the infamous ‘hangover.’

Hmm, interesting concept. This is what I should have drunk the minute I stepped a foot here. Stupid toast could have ended on a different note.

Since I have a communications background, I was very interested in getting ‘the full monty’ on this business venture that he had accomplished. The story was quite interesting, so I engaged in a very lengthy conversation with ‘this guy.’

Dina was staring at me like my talk was purely to ‘hook’ him, but honestly I was not. After last night, just sharing ‘small talk,’ and possibly establishing friendships, is good enough for me for today.

She stared at the bottle like, ‘this will serve me very well during this trip’ and took one for both of us.

She also wanted to get going and gave me a look of ‘can we just get the heck out of here?’

I concluded my conversation with David and expressed that I hoped that we could all meet up again during our stay.

Dina and I stopped briefly in our room before venturing into the water sports. She opened the AfterShot bottle and started drinking it.

“This stuff good,” said Dina. “Try it, you need it!”

Damn! She was up late last night, partying until who knows what time, and she looked as fresh as a daisy. How does she do it?

Me, I felt my hair rising and my body rejecting anything that wasn’t water or coffee. On the other hand, I needed something that would guarantee me that I would survive the rest of my existence at this place.

I mean, what else could go ‘wrong’ for me? (Let’s not go there, shall we?)

Dina and I shared the rest of the drink (she was right; it is good!) and off we went for our much anticipated water adventure.

First stop of the day: rock the boats.

“Heey, good morning! How are you feeling??” asked Dina.

“Good.” I said, “Thanks for the aspirins, they surely worked.”

She then gave me a look of ‘…and who is he?’ Dina has been wishing for me to finally hook up with somebody. So every time I spoke with a guy, she will stand next to me to be the first witness in this major world event.

Being first also meant getting ‘the full monty’ of all details, even if, honestly, nothing happened. ‘What do you mean nothing happened?’ was her usual remark, followed by ‘Not even a kiss??’

“Oh, this is Hiio. Hiio, Dina.

I woke up early and let you sleep. When I came for breakfast, him and I were the only ones here, so we sat together.”

I then looked at her like, ‘do you mind? I’m in the middle of something…’

“Hmm, I’m going to sit by the other tables, so when you’re done, come get me,” she concluded.

I told ‘Monty’ about the toast incident, Pirate, and how Dina came to my rescue the night before.

He started laughing not because of what happened (he decided to skip it; he had already ‘partied’ some, and decided to take a break before dinner), but because of ‘that guy behind me.’

“Yeah, I sure do know Pirate. Who doesn’t?” said Hiio. “He’s one of the old timers here in this resort. He’s probably been around the longest of all of us.”

“Is there anything I need to know about him or might make me feel better about what happened to me?” I asked.

“Listen, these type of toasts have been going on probably forever. I even headed some back in the days when I was a GO.

What I can tell you is that they used to be much wilder than what you experienced, and Pirate was just having fun, if that gives you any consolation.

And that’s what you should also do, have fun.”

I know, he’s right. I should apply this not only for this trip, but my life in general.

And just when I was about to finally put this whole incident to rest (not behind me, that’s for sure), speaking of the devil, sure enough walks in (no, not Dina), Pirate.

‘No, not him again.’

et cetera