The New M.E. Generation

Dina’s friends are really into my story. It was a combination between laughter and amazement to what happened to me that night and the ‘infamous phone call’ (please refer to ‘The Swedish Massage’ for details).

I’m back to my seat, still talking about my experience, and also laughing at myself, when I notice Erik is away from the table and walking awkwardly close to the bar.

What is he doing? Is he trying to pretend to be going somewhere inside the restaurant, when actually he’s trying to check me out to learn if I am the person he believes me to be?

Yep, that’s exactly it. Man, his acting is so obvious it’s totally moronic. I mean, couldn’t you pretend in a less inconspicuous way? I’m laughing again, but within me, and felt very good.

Oh no! Erik and I have locked eyes. He’s now standing there looking at me, and by me doing so at him, has putted him in a position to react somehow at the situation.

OMG! Is he coming over to talk to me? (No? Seems more like a ‘yes.’ My thinking became true yet again.)

et cetera