The New M.E. Generation

I made a second attempt to call Christian the following evening, but this time at 9pm. I thought he should definitely be home by now.

I was correct; he did answer the phone.

“Is this Christian?”

“Yeah…” said he with a puzzled tone of not recognizing whom the caller was.

“This is Emma, the girl you gave the number to at the bar recently. Do you remember who this is?”

“Well, hey, yes!” said he with a tone of surprise that I actually made the call.

“So how are you?” I asked.

“Fine…Wow, don’t know what to say.” He was completely blown away. I bet he thought I would never do it.

The conversation was quite simple as it touched the usual subjects of where did you grew up, went to school, marital status, children or not, what do you do for a living, etc.

He came across as having a pretty stable life, considering he was divorced with two kids. But, the way he put it, he was over that part of his life. Even more, he had an amicable relationship with his ex for the sake of the children, was close to them, and was professionally stable.

These were very good pointers for me, which made me interested in hopefully getting to know him more. I decided then to take the first step.

“So I guess we could try setting up a date to meet?” I asked.

“Would like to, but I have the kids this weekend, so it will have to be the next one. I get them every other weekend, but spend some days during the week as well due to sports’ practice. But we’ll definitely talk again next week. Can you call me?”

“Sure, no problem.”

I guess it was not a bad start. But me calling him is sort of strange when he was the one originally with the interest in meeting me. Oh, well, I’ll give it a try. What can I loose?

And talking about trials, wonder whatever happened with Dina and ‘the hand at the thigh guy.’ Hmm.

Time to make another call.

et cetera