The New M.E. Generation

As much as my bestie and I were making fun of things the bitch or this guy were posting, more than often we would stay away from looking, because we knew we just had to for our own emotional benefit.

Plus, my bestie knew that bitch was constantly checking out our profiles, and that the bitch would write posts that indirectly had to do with some of my bestie’s ones.

“She does that all the time. Worst part is this guy knows that she does. He tells her not to, but doesn’t do anything to stop it. I’ve texted him with evidence before and he does nothing about it,” said she. “She even grabs his personal mobile and starting looking over his social media, texts and emails when he’s away from the phone. Sometimes I just don’t write anything; that way she breaks her head wondering what I’m up to or if this guy and I are communicating.”

“Sounds to me he gets a hard on from watching 2 women ‘fight’ over him,” said I. “He’s enjoying that because it inflates his ego. If he really respected himself and us, he would have total control over his device. Those relationships where you know even when the other person farted are really sickening.”

It was also hard to see how this guy’s religious fanaticism has changed him into a creature that was deeply sinking in this distorted, out-of-touch mentality that was really creepy at times.

The people he was socializing with, either through the bitch or church, looked like those who have a ‘one-track mind’ or ‘my way or the highway’ thinking about anything, that if you don’t share their feelings, they consider you ‘the enemy’ or ‘someone who is on the wrong side of the tracks and should be avoided at all costs’.

The bitch’s friends looked totally ‘white trash’. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t come from a wealthy family, but tried to associate myself with people who share my same upbringing, values, and manners. I worked hard to earn my school degrees and always strive to achieve more than what’s in front of me.

This guy was brought up the same way; he would be very picky who he made friends or associated with, just like his mom taught him. So now seeing him with people who may be very kind and everything, but that you can tell that if they earned a high school degree is a lot, didn’t made sense at all. It’s the kind his mom would have never, ever, allow to come through the door in her home, even if her life depending on it.

But like all things in this terrain, all good and bad must come to an end, and in many case, abruptly.

I was looking over this guy’s profile while chatting with my bestie when suddenly, his profile went dark with a message that read, ‘there’s a problem with this account…’

When I told my bestie and she quickly checked, turns out this guy had deleted our friendship and blocked me as well. “OMG, I can’t believe he did that to you,” said she.

It was the worst feeling realizing that whatever was left of this thing between us was now officially over. But I didn’t stay quiet.

“I can see you gave our friendship the final blow. Thanks!’ texted I to him.

“You were the one who gave it the final blow. Thanks!” replied he.

“That’s why you blocked me from social media? What did I do to you that you hate me so much for? You didn’t forgive your sister or father, and now me, but you do with her, who you once said was on the side of the devil?? You’re a fake Christian. The real ones forgives everyone, no matter what. Jesus made no exceptions. You preach a lot, but your words are just lies,” replied I.

“No hate here and nothing to forgive. It’s for your own good, and if you’re free of sin, you may cast the first stone. In my (praying hands emoticon),” said he.

Praying for what? So I become what you want me to be? Oh wait, that’s what the bitch is doing: kissing your ass big time, praying to the devil (and sleeping with him), which you clearly stated to me many, many times before, pretending that she’s a totally changed person, when in reality she’s a big fat fake.

You’re hiding behind the fanaticism thinking it makes you so great of a person, when in reality you’re a frustrated, insecure, hypocritical, big mouthed, old fart, who will end very much alone when everyone around you leaves, including that bitch.

Even more, you hate homosexuals in such a way that I wouldn’t be surprised one day you just snap and you end up on the news after doing something horrific. I’m sure that with the recent worldwide incidents, you feel happy that it happened to them because, in your mind, ‘they got what they deserved for going against the bible and church’.

I will tell you this, you’re as evil as any extremist, because you’re one yourself. Loving that bitch and all those weird church people you’re with, while hating everyone else (especially those who in the past you said would never let go off, which included my bestie and me) is so wrong, and a clear sign of someone that has been brainwashed and has lost all sense of reality.

And history has proven that those who claim to be the most religious end up being the most evil. You’re just a ticking time bomb that when it explodes, that bitch and all your supposed ‘supporters’ will run away from you as fast as they can and will deny ever knowing you, just like in the bible. That bitch may get on her knees to go down on you, but she will never go down with you.

I feel sorry how sad your latter years will play out for you. In other words, all that you did to others will hit you back with a vengeance. Like you always said, “Dios siempre lleva cuenta de lo que uno hace” (God is always keeping track of what we do). And you my dear, is no exception nor immune to that.

What will you do when there’s no one around to blame for your life and so called misfortunes?

When the end of the world comes (as you say has started already), you’ll be the first in line to join that bitch in hell. You may be in church 24/7 and think you have already earned you place in heaven when you die, but you’re dead wrong. And today was the best example of them all.

I may be hurting now, but someday you’ll just be a grain of salt in my memories to which I will not care to remember, other than using you as reference as to what not to do when another man appears in my life with the same lies as yours.

And, no, I’m not interested in you coming back and tell me anything, like asking for forgiveness. You made your choice and so did I: you’re dead to me.

You may have said that ‘things will not go well for me’. Actually, they have been well, way before today, when I decided that any man ‘que no sirve’ (is useless), including you, only deserves to be thrown into the trash. And I will continue to do so. Just wait and see.

‘I don’t go to sleep with no whore and I don’t wake up with no whore. That’s how I deal with myself. I don’t know how you do it.’ -Wall Street

I rest my case.



After my wedding and honeymoon, I settled with my then husband at the apartment he was living at. We married late November and before the end of year, we adopted a dog and celebrated our first Christmas.

I was still doing my post-grad. I had completed the coursework, but had to write a thesis to graduate.

My ‘X’ spouse’s contract had another year to go, so I took the time to advance my writing as much as possible and adapt to married life.

It was a challenging time; I didn’t know if I would be able to finish my studies or where we would be relocated.

I had always dreamt of leaving my home, but not to a place I didn’t know if I would like it or not. But was young and thought that if we both stuck together, we could overcome anything.

Because of all happening in my life, I lost even more communication with my then friend. His night shift made it hard for me to talk to him, even more now that I was married.

Plus, I had moved to another neighborhood, so I wasn’t visiting the pharmacy much. His mom would be my news link whenever I got my hair done.

A year later, my x’s contract ended, but instead of relocating to where his employer would decide to, he chose to pursue an opportunity abroad.

I wanted a change, but this was more than I expected. It all happened within a few months. We were to take all we had, including the dog, with us.

When arranging for the flight for both dog and me (my ex had left first), I purchased the pet crate and tickets with the airline my friend worked at.

I believed I called my friend to make sure I had made the right arrangements for my dog and make sure he traveling in cargo would be fine.

On the day I was to leave, I don’t know why, either I didn’t ask him to be there or he just didn’t show up because of his schedule. Even my ‘x’ wondered if he could be there.

All I remember was that my parents were there. My mom broke down in tears before I entered the gate and my dad calmed my dog before he was taken away.

I was nervous wreck and did my best not to show it, especially my mom. I kept looking around if by any chance my friend would appear.

Had he been there, he would probably have been in total control as usual, would have looked at me and said, “You’re going to be fine. Now, go with your husband”, meaning, “You’re all grown now; my work is done here and you need to be with the person you vowed to be with”.

It was one of those moments I needed his reassurance that he had confidence in me that I could overcome this or anything that came my way. He had always given me the guidance needed and never held me back.

So, why should I be afraid? Because our lives had greatly changed. Everything changes and sometimes as much effort one may put into things, other forces take away what always brought together to never bring you back. And when that happens, there’s nothing you can do to change it.

Another 2 days went by before I got another reply, this time around 4am and still on a work week.

I wondered again if he was getting up or going to bed and what his whereabouts were. In other words, were you at home or, most probably, somebody else’s place?

Back in my days when I was doing my undergrad and living on campus, if you returned very late to your room, it had to be that you were either at the library (that was the main excuse everyone used) studying or writing a paper, or at the computer center.

Yes, I said the computer center. That’s where people went to type their papers before personal ones became a normal thing to have. And the place was open (I believe) until midnight or beyond.

If those 2 locations weren’t it, then it meant you were probably having some sort of relationship with someone else and managed to spend the night with that person. You either convinced the other roommate to go sleep somewhere else, or that other person slept in your bed with the roommate there as well.

Doing the second was no easy task, as having roommates was difficult per se and meant losing more of the little space and privacy you already had.

Then there was the situation if anyone called you. It was one phone paid by many and the calls were usually from parents, family, or significant others living at school or not.

The calls would mostly occur after 10pm as they knew all classes were done for the day, you already had dinner, etc.

But, that was not always the case. If you took the call, you had the misfortune of telling the caller that your roommate wasn’t there and that you didn’t know where she was, either that was true or not.

It was an uncomfortable situation because you always sounded as you were lying and hiding something.

Then there was the task of having to call them back and explain yourself. After saying ‘you were studying’, things would quiet down until the same scenario happened again.

Yes, it was a time that keeping track of others was no easy task, but is it that different now? Not really, except that all devices are personal and mobile, and you have total control in how you manage them.

In a way it’s harder as no one else knows what you’re doing, that is, if you keep it quiet to yourself.

So what am I thinking right now? That he probably had some chemistry with a girl in his biology class and decided to take it beyond the books. After all, he’s young, good looking and has goals for the future. What girl wouldn’t like that?

This got me thinking; this guy got my attention not necessarily for his merits, but because it’s making me remember my time in college.

That was a special time, as I finally got a chance to be on my own and started to discover who I really was, just like when I became single again.

The negative part is the age difference, which is making me feel old, and that feeling is not good at all.

I may have reversed the effects of what I’ve gone through, but there’s no ‘time’ capsule for the other half of the equation.

You have to swallow it no matter what.

I didn’t visit the site again until about 2 days later. It was the weekend, so I thought it was the best time to engage in this with a more relaxed approach.

I login and notice I have some messages from a guy whose name was ‘greeneyes4u’.

I opened the emails and (damn!) he certainly had green eyes, is nice looking, and on my age range.

Thank you universe!!

But, wait; before I get too excited about the planets being aligned in my favor for the first time ever, let me check out his profile.

According to what he wrote, he had been married, children are grown-up, had his own business, enjoyed the beach very much, and engaged in water sports.

He looked well for his age and was physically fit, obviously as a result of the activities he engages at.

Assuming the photos were recent, they gave me a sense that he was tranquil with his life and that he does want to meet someone, but is not in a rush to do so.

Everything passed my inspection. I wasn’t seeing or reading anything that raised a red flag to me.

I was very glad that this was happening so quickly after joining the site. I felt that I was back in the game and it should finally work out this time around.

I have learned my lesson well and do intend to deal with it the right way. I will reply to his messages (about 3 of them) with no melodrama, no desperate mode, or no negative behavior.

No, no, no. I’m not getting into that any more. It’s been quite a few years since been single and the disappointments and hurt have been too much.

No, I’m not letting this happen again. I know better.

All right, let’s start. I will read all of them and then reply. No rush, no stress; just think of what to say carefully and go for it.

And just when I was about to do that, a window opens on the screen. It was the online chat. This meant he could see that I was online and had visited his profile.

Surprise to me! Darn it! So this is how this works? You pretty much know what another person is doing (if you really do your research) and the same goes for yourself.

I started getting nervous. How much does this ‘green eyed’ person has dug up about me?

I kept staring at the chat window. He wants to talk to me, now!

So, who said again is totally in control here?

et cetera