The New M.E. Generation

“Hey, there’s a possibility of a job opening back in the state I swore I would never go back to,” said he in a call I received out of the blue.

“What? Are you serious?” asked I, more concerned about him going back to that place than the job actually happening.

“I contacted a guy I’ve worked with before that helped me get the position there the last time, as it seems he might be able to do it again. I filled out all the paperwork and waiting to get it all approved, etc.,” continued he. “I’ve been praying over this for many days and if this is where God wants me to go, then that it will be. Don’t know the reason why, but sooner or later I will.”

“Listen to me well; if you go back to there and get involved with that woman, I don’t want to hear it,” said I in an upsetting tone. In spite of all his complaints and bad remarks regarding his ex-girlfriend, to which I have listening to for about 2 years, I’ve seen before how people go back to toxic relationships, and with his behavior shifting so abruptly, combined with the denial that his time with the bitch was a total disaster, plus his religious fanaticism that had him in a delusional state that made him believe he could fix anything broken by just faith, making it a sure bet it would all repeat again.

It took a few months for all to get completed and off he went. He was again in a one-year contract, so considering the location and bad association with it, plus the failure in his one-month stint in the Pacific, I was holding my breath that at least he would find a way to stay there for the duration of the job.

His argument again was religious, which was still making me puke. I was sick of hearing about the endless hours praying at church, or that ‘someone else’ had made the decision for him or told him what to do. Oh, and he was strapping for money, of course.

Because he was financially bad, he went to live in a room at a buddy’s house of his to save some money until he could get a place of his own (“the Lord is good with me; everything is falling into place). Barf bag, please.

I sort of distanced from him shortly after he started working, not because I wanted him to concentrate all his efforts in what he was doing, but because I couldn’t stand any more how a ‘higher power’ was granting him all that he wanted and making all that he did seem so smooth and effortless; that he had achieved everything because of his faith and non-stop praying.

All that I wanted from him was to just shut up, work, and take a break from worrying again what the next step would be when the job ended.

Bonus if he comes back to visit his mom, invites me, and he is back to his old self.

Will ‘the power above’ work on my favor? Well, like he always said, “I’ll leave it in his hands.”

I know what to do here. I’ll speak to one of my girlfriends about it. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my guy troubles with them over the phone.

Honestly, when I’m with any of my bff’s, I just rather talk about pretty much about anything else. And, my stories got repetitive after a while, so I decided to put them aside.

But, hey, maybe they’re curious about it now, so I’m calling Madeline. If I want the truth well told she’s the one to give it to me.

“Hey, girl,” said she, “ what do you have to tell me that I might not know about?”

“Well, you know me,” said I, “there’s always something going on with a guy. Remember that one which my first date was a total disaster?”

“What? That guy still around? What’s wrong with you? Are you that desperate?”

“No, I thought a second chance would be fine. Let’s face it, there’s hasn’t really been a follow-up with most of the others.”

“But, did you had to give it to this one? Whatever, tell me all about it.”

I gave her the details and pulled my phone slightly away from my ear. I knew the backlash was quickly about to happen.

“I can’t believe you let that guy into your apartment, especially after sounding strange over the phone!” said she.

“I honestly thought nothing would happen.”

“Seriously, with the history that he has? Nothing happened because you put a brake to it, but it was that close. Listen to me good, if there’s ever a next time, which I seriously hope not, just meet him up somewhere and don’t move from that location. If you do is just to make your exit and head home.”

All right, the conversation wasn’t that bad after all. I thought she was really going to give it to me. But, she’s right; she’s always, always right. That’s why I called her.

And regarding a next time with this guys, well, there’s a saying that ‘third’s a charm’ or it could certainly hit a strikeout.

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