The New M.E. Generation

{June 10, 2013}   Take Me Back 8 – I believe

‘The ship is going to be in your hometown again, but only for one day’, read the letter.

I was going to see him again! That was incredible, considering it had only been a few months since I first met him.

The ship was just going to make a stopover, so Johann explained he would call me home at the first opportunity he had. How and when we would meet was to be determined upon the ship’s arrival and him being able to disembark it.

A couple of weeks went by and when the day arrived, I was really scared that this reunion would not occur.

I remember getting up that Saturday doing my usual things, but never leaving home. At some point my mother noticed I was sitting in the balcony for extended periods of time or running to the phone every time it rang. I told her the truth and she took it well.

The day turned into night and I kept waiting, and waiting, until (ring!) the phone call I wanted to get was finally received.

“Hey, I made it!” said he.

I was so happy I could barely contain my emotions. “Can’t believe we’re talking again! Never thought it would happen”. Yes, I was trying to be cool but couldn’t.

Whatever else was said was that, because it was already night, it was better that he took a cab and meet me at home.

I hanged up and sat on the balcony again waiting for his arrival. It was probably the longest wait ever for me back then. Every minute felt like an hour.

Then, after ‘an eternity’ passed, I saw this cab pull up. Johann was in it and pointed to the driver as in ‘this is the place’, paid and got off.

‘He’s here, he’s here’, I thought to myself.

Talking about making a wish and getting it. After this day, I certainly do believe.

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