The New M.E. Generation

Believe it or not, Ivan contacted me again. I was quite surprised when I received a call from him.

“What a surprise, again,” said I.

“I was on the area, again, but couldn’t stop by.”

“Let me take a guess, work.” (Duh!) “Tell me something new, like, are you traveling any time soon?”

“Yes, I’m taking a trip with a friend.”

(Say what?) “You mean a girl, your girlfriend.”

“No, she’s just a friend.”

“Oh c’mon, don’t start with me. I’m sure she will be very upset to hear that you are referring to her as just that. Well, I will admit I’m sort of jealous, but I’m happy for you. I hope it works out for the best.”

Ivan didn’t agree or refute what I said.

“Listen,” said he, “ I just arrived at the pharmacy to pick-up something, so I have to go.” (Like always.)

“No problem.” (Whatever.)

My phone conversations with Ivan, as usual, are probably the shortest in record. It’s amazing, though, how much was covered on this one. But, it definitely let me know that this guy is ‘off the market.’

All I can do now is continue with my life as I have done so far, and not expect anything else from him any more, phone calls included.

Instead of putting myself online, I need to put myself ‘out there’ and find a new guy.


Dina and I finished our ‘quick stop’ or ‘brb’ and are walking towards the door to leave when these two guys crossed my path.

“Aren’t you Emma?” said one of then. I responded with a puzzled ‘yes.’ “Don’t know you if you remember us, but we attended high school together.”

OMG! What a surprise this was. I couldn’t believe that after so many years after graduating, these two still remembered me.

“How did you guys recognize me?” asked I.

“You still look the same,” said one of them.

Well! That was the best complement I’ve had in a very long time. If after all I’ve gone through these two still think I look great (ah, I guess that ‘s what they meant), damn, I must be doing something right. Man, my ego went sky high.

I was still standing in the hallway in total awe when them guys asked if I could have a drink with them before I left.

Dina took a seat at the bar and everyone else stood. Lucky me (and her), a guy sitting next to Dina started talking to her. Even better, he looked cute and someone that maybe Dina could be interested in getting to know.

I was even luckier that from where I was standing, I had a direct view of the first guy who had been staring at me the entire night. He was still alone and now that I was talking to these two guys, he wasn’t moving from his chair.

I noticed that his look was one that, yes, he was interested in approaching me, but was waiting for the right moment to make it happen.

This is great! He’s probably thinking that I am in demand.

Whoa! Is everybody going to be lucky tonight?

et cetera