The New M.E. Generation

I have a storage unit that contains all the personal belongings I have gathered throughout my life.

I needed to do some cleanup as well as finding something I was looking for. I had no idea in what box it was to be found, if that, so I opened one by one and searched their contents.

One of those boxes was filled mostly with photos and letters. I kept pulling things out when I abruptly stopped. In the bottom of it were Johann’s letters, all of them, totally intact after all this time. I held them like I had found a long lost treasure.

I took a cushion, placed it on the floor, and read them. There they were; the one with the pendant still taped to the card and the one he was telling me he was getting married. Memories came back to me quickly and I smiled at every one.

I was all by myself on the top floor of a storage unit remembering my past. I kept searching in all other boxes and came across a lot more than I thought I would.

My entire life was preserved in all those photos, notebooks, letters, journals, and whatever else I had.

But Johann’s letters were particular emotional. It has been more than a decade since I last knew of him, but I never quite forgot about him. Touching the stationery was like reconnecting with him during those times we were friends.

Some tears also came down my face because he made me so happy and he brought out in me so many wonderful things that no one else has.

I got sad because he was gone, and so that girl he once knew, and I needed so much for both to be back in my life.

I pondered upon finding him, but asked myself, would he remember me? Would he be interested in being friends again?

Universe, I have a request to ask you: please let it come back to me.

To my surprise, the guy responded to my emails and finally gave me his name, Alex. He also agreed with me about being friends first and keeping it if nothing else evolved. “A friendship always remains,” is what he said.

Hmm, deep thought. Wow, sounds I came across somebody with intelligence. Yep, he’s definitely someone up my alley. Someone that maybe I’ll finally find what I’m looking for.

Why didn’t I thought about it before, establishing a friendship? Duh, there was no chance at that. Either I clung to the guys because I needed to fill an emotional void, or the guys just wanted to have fun, or had no interest in getting involved for whatever reason. There was no chance of anything serious because the foundation was never laid.

And why should this guy be any different? For starters, at least we’re on the same page, and have agreed to continue communicating via email until we feel is time to take the next step, talking on the phone. It may sound stupid, but it’s not to me.

I just want to get it right even if at least once. I don’t think I’m asking that much from the universe, am I?

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