The New M.E. Generation

It was mid morning when I received a call to my mobile. It was one of those totally unexpected moments that you just wonder who the heck it might be on this particular time and date.

I personally don’t like this type of calls because I don’t get that many and I always think something bad has happened.

I looked at the caller ID, and, is it possible? It’s Ivan!

“Hey,” said he as he had always greeted me.

“Hey, you. What’s the purpose of this ‘courtesy call’?”

“Nothing; was just in the area and thought about calling you.”

Really? Wonder what exactly motivated him to call me.

“So, what’s going on with you?” asked I.

“Not much. Working a lot. Have not been feeling well lately. How about you? What have you done lately?”

Besides the fact that I have totally taken you out of my life, everything else is fine. “Not much. Always keeping myself busy. Life is pretty straight forward as usual.”

The conversation did not have a lot of substance, and there were some gaps of time between each other’s comments.

I sensed that he wanted to say something right then when he called. This was not the usual ‘how are you doing?’ dull call. I kept thinking to myself, ‘Ivan, what exactly is it that you want?’

It was like a telepathy effect when he finally revealed himself. “Listen, why don’t we go for a drink next Monday?”

“Monday? It’s Wednesday. You mean to tell me you don’t have any free time between now and then?” asked I.

“The thing is that my employer is doing some redecorating on her home and I’m in charge of it.”

His situation is so worn out. If it’s not a big party at the residence, it’s an event in the city. Or if she decides to take a trip around the world, he still has to work until the late night because he’s responsible for anything pertaining to her existence, weekends included.

Just thinking about it makes me exhausted. But I’m not buying his call. I have a feeling he had been dating someone else since I last heard from him, and that person ended dumping him.

Now that he is alone again, he thought about approaching me the way it all originally happened, having drinks.

That’s the reason behind his low-key call. He probably realized that it was a mistake not pursuing me any further, and now he wants to win me back some way. It has not been that long since I last heard from him, but I’ve moved on, and grown, a lot. And I’m not keeping quiet about what I’m thinking.

“That’s nothing new to hear. Tell me something I don’t know about, like, your love life.” I definitely put him on a tough spot.

“Ah, not much. Some dates here and there. Not a lot of time for that, you know that.” (So why are you calling me?) “I did get to go home though.”

“I remember, for your high school reunion. You said you would call me before you left,” said I.

There was another pause during the call. He just didn’t know what to say. But I didn’t care. I wanted him to hear that I haven’t been sitting around waiting for him to come back to my life.

And in regards to his remark that he wants to go for a drink next week, I’m not loosing sleep over it. I’ll be very surprised if he calls, and, if he does, I’m not jumping into my car and dealing with traffic like the first time I met him. If he wants to see me, he will have to come to me, that’s if I feel like meeting up with him.

“Listen, I’m in the middle of something. So I guess we will talk next week?” asked I.

‘Jerk’ is all I could think about when I hung up. I went back to what I was doing before and Ivan disappeared from my mind. After all, that’s what he is in my life right now; non-existent.

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