The New M.E. Generation

‘I also remember your forward sense of humor. I liked that very much.’

I had a sense of humor and he liked it? Since when?

Being in high school was a difficult time for me. Not only was I dealing with the normal issues of a teenager (like, am I smart enough? Am I pretty? What am I going to do with my life after graduating?), my personal life at home was not a nice one.

So where was I getting this humor from and why was I displaying it with him? What was it about him that gave me the confidence to say whatever I felt like?

Maybe I was trying too much to get his attention (probably). I remember him being so serious that perhaps I was trying for him to loosen up.

Or, without realizing it, I had found a harmless way to vent or show a side of me I didn’t knew it existed.

Another reason could be that I was hanging out at the beach. The blue sky, water, and sand, getting a nice tan, can have a positive effect on anyone.

And in true Las Vegas style, whatever you did and said, stayed there. (Weren’t those days before social media just wonderful?)

But, my question is, did the ‘beach guy’ had an equally sense of humor as mine? I have no recollection on that.

I’ll blame it on his great bathing suit body and awesome tan he always had.

Well, hey, at least give me credit that some of my memories didn’t sink at the bottom of the ocean.

{August 3, 2009}   In The Beginning 6 – Yep!

Ricky did call me…back. Yep, I did what I should have not done at all: I contacted him the very next day.

Why did I do something like this? Because I got dumped. Because I felt lonely. Because someone appeared out of nowhere and gave me attention. Because (without realizing it back then) I was in a desperate need to have a man in my life that could fill that emptiness I had deep within myself.

Yep, the next day, after the event, I texted him. And later that day I ended meeting up with him to have dinner.

Yep, he also sent me several text messages that really flattered me like ‘You’re so cute,’ ‘I love your smirk,’ and ‘you are funny.’ I felt that I was walking on air again.

But, let’s get real here. How is it possible that I called someone that I just met the night before, who first impression of him was that he was totally unfashionable to me?

Yep, if you were ‘in my shoes’ way back then, I would have bet them that you would have done the same.

Yep, that’s how it went. Desperate girl goes to a party with girlfriends. DG meets unfashionable guy. DG texted UG the next day. DG and UG hook up quickly shortly after.

Hooked up in what way?

You’ll just have to keep on reading to find out.


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