The New M.E. Generation

“Hey, what’s up?” asked I to Ivan.

“Working, working. It’s non-stop,” said he in his usual exhausted tone of voice.

“Whatever…Hey I get it. You don’t have space in your life for me or I’m not the one for you. I’ll be fine. You’re not the first guy that has been in my life and disappeared for some reason. Online dating or not, it had the same result.”

I started talking too much and my emotions came afloat, and almost started crying while talking to him. This is exactly what I did not want to happen.

“Emma, I hear you. I’ve been in your shoes too. But you know it is not that I have no interest in you. It’s my job. I promise I will make an effort to call you.”

You promise? Yeah, right! I nodded my head side to side and sighed in frustration because I knew it was not going to happen.

“If you say so,” I concluded.

And as usual, the conversation didn’t last very long. There was a dinner being held at his employer’s residence and he was in charge of the whole event. Meaning, this day was to end very late into the night, like so many others for him.

The phone call ended and I was very sad. I had a feeling this was the last time we would speak on the phone, and probably the end of whatever we shared.

Should I give him a last chance to prove himself wrong?

Between you and me, no, I don’t think he will.

{September 21, 2009}   The Week That Was 11 – Ring!

I was having a lot of fun at the resort. It was so good I got completely disconnected from the real world until…(ring!)

Is it possible? Why is it that people never call you when you have plenty of time to spare, and do, all at the same time, when you’re totally busy, or right in the middle of something very important?

Well, I wasn’t exactly doing anything with Jay that the call totally ruined. But more as hoping that none of my friends would call me because any of them knew of my whereabouts. In other words, I didn’t tell anyone of Jay’s coming to town or my ‘dropping out of radar’ extracurricular activity.

And, who else could be calling? I bet you it’s either Dina or Madelyn. Take a guess…(Dina!)

“Hey, what you’re up to? Where have you been? Haven’t heard from you recently,” said she.

I didn’t want to say too much because me saying a little would go a long way. “I’m not right around where you are.”

“You’re with a guy!! OMG!! Tell me all about it!”

“Aah, yeah, you remember Jay from our trip? The one doing the water sports.”

“The Canadian? Are you out of your mind? You knew that guy from just a few days.”

“Well, yeah, but we’ve been corresponding for a while.” (I gave her a quick rundown of the whole thing over the phone.)

“And you didn’t say anything to me…”

“Because I never thought anything would evolve Dina.”

“Girl, you and I are so having a conversation when he gets back to Canada,” said Dina.

“I’m taking your word for it,” I concluded.

I was somewhat hiding away from Jay. I sat next to him on the room’s sofa. I started laughing and told him what had happened. Jay laughed too and expressed wishing that he could see Dina again.

I was getting comfortable with Jay again when (of course) my mobile rings again. (Didn’t I tell you so that it would happen again? And who it is this time? It can be but no other than…

Madelyn. “EMMA!! What’s up my friend??”

“Dina called you didn’t she?”

“No, I just wanted to know how you were doing.”

“Yeah, right. What other info are you now going to try to get from me?”

“No, I’m not going to do that. You know me better than that. I’m just glad that you’ve continued to do things that you never thought you would before. I’m so proud of you! But you have to tell me all about it later.”

“Fine. Can I get back to what I was doing before?”

“Oh, I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”

“No, almost.”

“So I guess I better get off the phone now.”

Madelyn and I finished the call and I stared at Jay. He had a face that he was about to burst out laughing. Mine was of wonder if my mobile was to ring again.

“Another girlfriend?” asked Jay. I nodded ‘yes.’ “I hope I get to meet her too.”

Hmm. Jay, my girlfriends and I all together in one room.

Now that’s something to really think about!

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