The New M.E. Generation

Also ‘then spouse,’ or ‘former spouse,’ which refer to Emma’s ex-husband.

The ‘ex’ word is converted to ‘x’ to symbolize that he has been crossed out of her life.

‘What’s his name’ and ‘him’ are used instead of a real name to show that he is no longer part of Emma’s reality.

He is a Hispanic-American, born and raised in ‘the city.’ He met Emma while working abroad in Emma’s homeland. About a year later of courtship, they married there and eventually came to ‘the city.’ As Emma would refer, ‘he came back and I moved here.’

‘What’s his name’ shift of personality and behavior occurs years after their move, and Emma contributes this event as the primary cause of the problems that eventually lead to the break-up.

At the time that he leaves Emma, he is 40 years old.

He was an athlete most of his young adult life and being thin and fit are important matters in his life. He exercises regularly and is always concerned with his physical. Other family members shared this exaggerated need to be thin or perfect, what Emma referred to at times as ‘anorexic.’

He also lived by ‘my way or the highway’ mentality. He wanted Emma to please him or place him first on everything.

The body issue with Emma developed many years into the marriage probably as a way to express the flaws in his relationship with Emma that he couldn’t control nor change in her.

It boiled down to that, no matter what Emma did, in his eyes it was never good enough.

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