The New M.E. Generation

{August 31, 2011}   The Undateables 3 – Yes, yes and yes

A few days later I accepted his invitation to be his friend. I was still not quite sure about this, but thought it was better to take my friend’s advice to do so. At least I did something I felt it was right to do, not accepting his invitation right away.

If this guy is used to getting whatever he wants, like the chick, you’re in for a surprise with me.

So what’s next? Obviously he will ask me to go out with him and, again, I will wait for a few more day, tell him ‘yes’ and then take it from there.

Patience you, you have to learn from that. The best things in life are those we wait the most or give it its deserving time.

Am I kidding myself? He probably thought he could score a date with me the moment he saw my picture on the site.

Oh, no, what have I gotten myself into? Is there any way to reverse the invitation?

Any one?


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