The New M.E. Generation

As the conversation continued, don’t remember why, he started giving me an explanation from his point of view about how the whole situation occurred.

It sounded like ‘the small guy versus the big guy’, in which he claims he was doing everything ‘by the book’, but the authorities saw it in another way, and down he went with everyone and anything that had to do with it.

He even got all worked up when talking about it, which was totally new to me. His voice level started going up and speech to go faster for a few minutes, until he snapped out of it because he didn’t want to talk about it any longer.

As the expression summarizes well, ‘there are three sides to a story: your side, my side, and the truth’. I listened to his argument and although it did make sense what he was saying, I could only wonder how much does it takes for a person to do something that you must have known was to have some serious consequences.

It just takes one mistake to find yourself having a record, to be categorized as a criminal, to have everything you worked so hard for vanish, including your freedom and reputation.

This is one of those stories you read about and wonder how on earth did this happen and why, and maybe feel sad for the person involved. But when it’s someone you know, it really hits hard.

And with a pandemic going on, the least you can do is feel sorry for him because this could have ended a lot worse that it did.

Then the topic of the girlfriend came up. His emotions flared up again, and the little I could pick up from what he was saying was ‘toxic’ and ‘she can have her expensive this and expensive that…’, like he really got fed up with her. All the while thinking to myself that he also has a whole bunch of costly stuff, even more than she probably does. So what’s the deal with the complaints?

“You two are just different, that’s all”, said I trying to get him to calm down, which somehow worked.

But the real turning point happened when he expressed the effect everything (GF included) has had on him: “…all of sudden I was having chest pains and realized it was a heart attack. Instead of waiting for the paramedics, I drove myself to the hospital, where a woman I know was waiting for me with the monitor and everything. If I had stayed for the ambulance, I would have probably died.”

Me: “You drove yourself to the hospital while having a heart attack???” (If this guy wasn’t a doctor, would have not believed him.)

I was trying to process his near-death experience when he then said, “Life is too short. I don’t need all those fancy cars and else I used to have. My home now is a 2-bedroom condo and I’m fine with it.”

I looked at my phone and thought to myself, ‘who am I talking to?’ I sort of felt I was listening to that version of him when we were in school. That guy at the beach that was always down to earth and nice to be around with. Does this means that the old him has returned?

Me: “I’m glad that you survived the attack and being away. I said it before and will say it again, you have a way of always bouncing back, of managing to accomplish anything you set your mind to without much obstacles. Not that many people are able to do that.”

The conversation was coming to an end (because the other new thing in his life is that he goes to sleep between 9-9:30 pm), I took the opportunity to ask him again if there’s a chance of me going visit him.

Him: “I would like to. But right now I just got back home, I’m on probation and have to be attentive to all that I do. I need some time.”

For the first time I felt he wasn’t giving me whatever excuse not to see him. And that arrogance I thought he had was gone (or not).

We ended the conversation with ‘let’s talk again some day’. And, again, I felt he meant that. But with my previous experiences (meaning that this is what happens every couple of years), this might well not be, especially the part of visiting him.

So I find myself once more wondering what to do. Should I give this another try or just keep in touch and reach out to him once in while?

I guess I’ll just ‘go with the flow’ (like the ocean water). If only life could be as easy as a day at the beach.


The weekend came and finding myself with the need to speak to someone (especially now that pretty much everyone is stuck at home), I decided to give this guy a call, even though I thought I would later regret it.

I actually called two people at the same time using my regular phone line. My call to him eventually connected me to his voicemail and left him a message.

I got no response from either one, so the next day I texted them. They both said that their phone wasn’t showing a missed call. I then tried calling this guy thorough the app we’ve been using to chat with and replied he was on another call.

About 20 minutes later, he called back. Seeing his photo on my cellphone screen was an even bigger surprise because it has been quite long (probably a few years) since last hearing his voice.

Our conversation lasted over an hour and the topic that I was the most curious about – his so-called sabbatical – was finally revealed.

As I thought, yes, he went to federal prison (usually where people serving for ‘white-collar crimes’ go to), but only for 3 months. And that he surrendered his license late January.

I told him I felt that’s what happened because I had been reading the newspapers covering the situation, but didn’t want to be so insisting on him for being a delicate matter.

He explained that he just got back home from serving time and the reasons why his term got reduced are: one, after entering the facility, the court system had second thoughts about his case and felt he really didn’t need to be locked away. Two, the pandemic. Three, he medically saved one of the correctional officer’s life (“because it was the right thing to do”) and the warden took notice, who then advocated favorably on his defense.

I was happy to hear about his good deed, not because I was surprised by his actions, but because I know he has that characteristic within him. But with all that has happened and the way I feel he has changed to be borderline arrogant, as it happens, the bad always overshadows the good even if the later is way bigger than the first.

And that applies to me too. Forget about all the history between him and me that he always talks about. Once you get stuck only on the mistakes, going back to seeing the person as a whole with the good and bad is very difficult to do.

Regarding his professional license, he’s fine with that for the time being. He mentioned again about closing his practice and the biggest issue with having one, according to him, is that you’re always at risk for a patient suing you.

And I believe him. Nowadays you hear people saying ‘sue me’ near and far, and see TV commercials for lawyers willing to go after anyone on your behalf in exchange for some good settlement.

For now he’s involved in other non-medical business opportunities (involving the ocean/beaches, of course) and from the sound of it, they seem very promising. He also said he will work on getting his license back when the time is right.

When I mentioned that I had wondered if he had left to Italy (and gotten the passport) like he once said he would, he said that idea of leaving the U.S. for good is still in his mind. Even more, he wants to get a sailboat and go around the world, all the while practicing medicine in Europe.

He gave me all the details of the route he wants to take (which includes the Caribbean) and, once again, I got jealous of him. Why is he always the one that comes up with these amazingly planned ideas? It’s like the ‘running away and joining the circus’ scenario that you know it’s crazy, but deep inside we all wish we could do.

But, what else could you expect from ‘the beach guy’? The ocean has been part of his life his whole existence, going as far as competing in sailing events, one specifically around the island where we grew up. So this all second nature to him.

And if you can do it, why not? Which made me think, if I could choose anything, what would I do in my latter years? Hmm…






A long weekend finally happened and I was desperate to get out of town and do a road trip within state. I had made plans to meet up with someone I hadn’t seen in decades and I was surely excited for the reunion.

Coincidentally, the beach guy’s hometown was around the area I was traveling to. Sure enough, letting him know about my travel crossed my mind. But with the past experience of me having asked him several times to visit him, to which he always gave me some excuse not to, plus his relationship, made it best not to say anything.

Besides, my focus was on the other guy, who at one point had been a close friend and a positive influence in my life. So my attention was to be destined entirely to him.

But even as I entered the city through its famous bridge and looked towards the water with excitement, I couldn’t help but think ‘he’s somewhere out there’.

As I got closer to my final destination and kept looking at his city name on the highway exits, it was even more tempting to contact him. But forgot about it as soon as I got to see my old friend.

A few days later after my return, I was curious to know how he would react to my nearly close encounter.

Me: “BTW, I was more less in your area this past long weekend, so I thought about you.”

(About a week later…)  Him: “Shoot, you were here?”

Me: “Not really.” (I mentioned my 30-years-in-the-making reunion and how I took advantage of the holiday to get the hell out of my city.) “Besides, I told you many times when you were single about visiting you and always said no. And now you have a girlfriend, so even more complicated.”

Him: “I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m single.” (Hmm, wonder if his ‘sabbatical’ had anything to do with it.)

Me: “So why do you still have a photo with her on Messenger?”

Him: “I do? My profile picture on social media has changed.”

I took a screenshot of the image I see on my messenger (the one that appears when searching his name), which is him cheek-to-cheek with the blonde GF, all very happy.

Him: “My photo is my dog. That one must be a contact picture in your phone.”

Me: “No, this is what I see when I look you up on Messenger. Your image on my phone list is different. Doesn’t matter. If now I can finally go visit you, let me know…” (which I’m sure you’re not going to say anything about.)

Him: “Well, I have to figure out how to change it. It should match the profile pic on my social, right?” (See, I told you…)

Me: “You’re asking the wrong person. Maybe because we’re not ‘friends’ has to do with it. But technology is not my forte.” (I think because I unfriended him, the photo that I see is the one he had on his profile at that time.)

He then send me a screenshot of a conversation with one of his children where he asked, ‘Question, what pic of me do you see on messenger? [GF’s name] and I or the dog?’ To which the reply was, ‘dog’.

Me: “Don’t know what to tell you. I’ll keep chatting with you through this other app and problem solved. I would imagine if we reconnect on social the photo will change.”

Him: “Ok. It’s just odd. That’s all.” (Wow, if you only gave this much attention to my request of visiting you.)

Me: “No worries. Maybe I’ll give you a call one of these days. Still have the same number?”

Him: “Yes.” (Well, this is another thing that hadn’t changed.)

So you’re probably wondering if I’m calling him. Well… maybe… Now that we’re stuck at home and getting in touch with everyone and anyone is the thing to do, it’s a 50-50 thing.

Half is because I’m curious of having a chat with him (especially because I’m desperate to find out the real story behind the ‘sabbatical’).

The other is that I know he won’t take my call and will reply via texts as he’s done before, even when he was still single, so I’m not into that. I will end up getting upset and feeling I wasted my time.

So what will be it be? …I’ll just sleep on it.



The last time I recall having any communication with ‘the beach guy’ was sometime last February. I sent him a follow-up text wondering what he finally decided to do about his temporary departure from the world. But again, no answer.

I did notice that the last time he was on the app was around the time of my last message. Even more, he had closed his social media account. Which made me believe he had surely ‘disconnected’.

It was around the same period that the pandemic situation was starting to get complicated, and me assuming he took off out of state (or maybe the nation), he was probably stuck somewhere that getting in touch with wasn’t happening for the next 12 months he said he was going to be away for.

The months passed and forgot about him, until I became curious about the outcome of his court case. I knew he had pleaded guilty to some charges, but wasn’t aware if there was any sentencing on this case.

I went online and found a newspaper article dated December of last year that read ‘he will serve 1 year and 1 day in federal prison’ and that ‘he was to surrender his medical license at the end of January’.

Then it really hit me: he’s on jail for for the exact time he said he would be away! Plus he lost his license! I was surprised and not surprised about him.

In my opinion he is one of those people that has always managed to be successful in all they do. And because they’ve never had failures, when they fall, they do really hard!

After thinking to myself all the bad words that described him and his situation, I then started to get concerned. It is a known fact that the worst place to be right now is on a jail, because you can’t practice distancing and an enclosed environment is ground zero for a virus to really get out of control. And if you don’t have the means to protect yourself, watch out! All I could do was to wish him to be safe.

And then… sometime late May; him: “Hello”. (Wait, what?? He held on to my last message? I think I was more in shock now.)

Me: “Hey!! Long time no hear! Where are you?

Him: “I’m in my city at the moment. Just got back into town last week.”

Me: “Done with your sabbatical? Where did you go?” (jail?). “You closed your social media.”

(Two days later…) Him: “I reactivated my account. I was on the northwestern part of the state.

Me: “Oh okay… doing your sabbatical?” (jail time?).

(The next day.) Him: “No. I’m done with my ‘sabbatical’.” (jail, right?) “I’m back in my county.”

Me: “Good. How is the virus affecting your business?”

Him: “Well, I was forced to move out of my location because the shopping center expanded another client’s space. I have not practiced medicine since January 31 and have been doing other things for income” (so the license thing did happen?). “I’m actually selling Covid testing stuff and it’s not bad.”

Me: “Sorry to hear that. Hope you can get back on track eventually.”

Him: “Sorry? Why? I was tired of running a practice.” (So the clinic closed around the same time as the license situation? What a coincidence.)

Me: “I mean, since you’re a doctor, thought it was disappointing.”

Him: “Nah. It’s a change and for now is good.”

Me: “If you feel good about it, that’s all that matters.”

Him: “Thank you. I’m actually working on Covid-19, so I’m doing good things for the community.”

Me: “I’m very happy to hear about that. We’re in need of people like you. Stay safe.”

How about that? My feeling is that he was in jail, the virus started happening and because he’s not a ‘menace to society’, they let him go. And because he’s a doctor, the more the reason for him to be ‘serving time’ somewhere else.

This is one of those ‘it will never happen’ moments when the world changed abruptly and now you’re getting a second chance to redeem yourself for good. Because, if he indeed was locked away and the pandemic hasn’t happened, he would still be there for sure. Talking about things going your way always! How more lucky can you be?





After the hurricane period ended and all went back to normal, I also went back to my normal self, including not thinking about this guy. The storm had been a very close call, and people in general were hoping there would be no more activity for the few months left of the season.

Nothing happened, thankfully, and the year ended quietly with the usual celebrations. But then the year started on a sour note: the tragic death of a famous basketball player.

The helicopter he was flying on crashed into some mountains shortly after departing, and everyone on board perished.

Of course, the conspiracy theories about foul play quickly emerged, but I only paid attention to the technical aspects of it. I felt that if this indeed was no accident, the truth would come up, especially having to do with a beloved celebrity.

I thought the topic would be an excuse to touch base with the guy for a few messages. When I sent the initial one I just asked him to give me the mechanical reason that caused the aircraft to fail.

He provided me with an aviation term and included an internet link about the topic. I started reading through the source; my plan was just to get the information that I wanted.

But, as expected, he didn’t stop there. He sent me a newspaper article with a headline making reference that the illuminati was behind this.

“Oh, boy; here we go again,” I said to myself. The remaining of the so-called “light” thing went up in smoke, literally. This guy’s religious fanaticism had gotten worse and I was not having any of it.

Me: “I just wanted to get a technical explanation. Not interested in reading any of this. Besides, it won’t change anything. It’s not bringing the deceased person back.”

He started rambling things about this group that I didn’t care to listen to. I knew where this was going: he wanted to be the one with the “last word”, meaning, position himself as the one who thinks knows more than me, that the one in control of the conversation was him, that me not listening/accepting his views made me a ‘persona non grata’.

I politely replied my same position as before two more times, but he refused to let it go.

Him: “There’s no worse blind person than that who doesn’t want to see or deaf person who doesn’t want to listen. Nothing different. Always the same thing.”

And just like that, the truth about him came out wide and clear: he hasn’t changed who he is or his feelings towards me.

Me: “I listen to what I want to listen and see what I want to see. You don’t tell me what to do with my life. I am very fine with myself. You, on the other hand, still being the same fanatic. Good luck with that. Goodbye.”

Right then and there, I blocked and deleted his contact information. ‘Time to take out the trash,’ said I to myself.

And just like that I felt free, very free. I haven’t breathed like that for a long time. Now I knew that this was the final end and couldn’t be any happier.

You know why he’s still mad at me? Because he doesn’t influence me any more, I didn’t swallow his lies, and he was never able to use me (unlike like he did of banging the bestie and the bitch, all the while these two women still took him back whenever he reappeared).

In other words, he hates the fact that I stood my ground and didn’t let him ‘win’.

As the year has progressed, getting rid of the bad stuff has served me well. Positive things are happening and the future looks promising. The whole experience has taught me that I need to be more confident of myself and that listening to others is not always the best thing to do. And that sometimes what you think you need, you already have.

“Because whatever you want, it already inside of you.” – Frigidaire Tango “Recall

After the close call with the hurricane, the communication with this guy became almost non-existent.

I did reach out to him to share the trailer for the second installment of an aviation-related movie, which original production was presented during our college years.

Because his career major and present employment have to do with airplanes, it became a huge hit among the students.

Me: “I remember your story of students having their car windows down at the parking lot, playing the tape simultaneously full-blast.”

The influence of the movie wasn’t only to this market segment, it influenced fashion, pop music, and even creating interests (and an increase of recruits) for the armed forces.

It even had an effect on me. When I visited him during my spring break, it gave me a whole other respect to what he was studying. Seeing his school was like being present on this sacred place that was developing talents that someday would follow the steps as those characters portrayed in the movie.

But again, his replies felt like he wanted to be the one having the last word.

I get it, he’s the aviation expert. And like I said, to get the best experience is seeing it at the movies. If not, renting it will do, just like back then. But his tone felt that there’s no buts or ifs about it; the big screen or nothing!

That may be so, but nowadays things are different. Many people have a home entertainment center, are subscribed to streaming services, movie channels, or other similar portals that give you access to watching them almost at the same time as theaters.

And still if you have none of that, you can rent the DVD (back then it was a videocassette) for a very affordable price. Even if you’re one of those that have basic cable, just wait a year and I guarantee you it will be shown on TV.

Don’t get me wrong, I think you should support your local businesses. But the cost of the ticket, food and drinks have increased so much it’s no fun any more when you have other options.

I understand his argument, but I’m on this one because of the nostalgia. (As a matter of fact, they’re showing the original on TV as we speak, as a way to promote the new one – and bring back your memories as well).

Oh, the memories… Those of my hairstyle, clothes, and everything else that represented me back then. More than anything, I’m longing for when we were best friends, when we got each other’s back even in distance, when he said he wouldn’t allow anything in his life to tear our friendship apart.

So where did the last part go? It went from the big screen, to the small screen, to the blank screen. Total blackout.

Don’t know how many more days passed before I finally decided to give my former friend a call. And then after that, it was deciding what to say if, one, he answered the call or, two, if the call went to voicemail.

To be honest, I was hoping for the second. The feeling was that it wouldn’t be a “light” conversation and that worried me.

I looked at the number on my phone after so long and it was eerie. (Me thinking to myself: “this is a mistake.”) Still, I hit the dial button and repeated in my mind “don’t pick up, don’t pick up!”

Lucky me, he didn’t. The call went to those automated systems that only give you a person’s name and/or number, and then the beep.

“Hey, it’s Emma. Just calling to say hello. Wish all is well with you. Hope we talk soon. Bye.” Wow, this sounded even more automated than the system itself.

I think I got a text response from him about a day later. “I got your message. Thanks for calling. Give me a few days to get my workdays in order and I’ll call you back.” (My bestie had mentioned that his work schedule is not the usual ‘Monday to Friday’, so to be patient.) Hmm, maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

Fact is, he never got back to me, which was no surprise. And I was glad. I reached out to him and that was it. It’s done. No hard feelings here, just relief.

Some months later during hurricane season, the state was on the projected path of a great storm that would hit upward right through the middle, and if it did as estimated, the results were to be very devastating.

Because this guy’s mother also lives in my state (and I have nothing against her, besides the fact that she’s an elderly woman with certain health conditions), I thought the right thing to do was to reach out to him.

Me: “Don’t know in what stage your mom is at regarding preparedness, but I assume you will spend the storm days with her. Hope all goes well. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for both of you.”

Him (some hours later): “You read my mind. I was about to write you and learn how you all are doing down there. Have been to my mother’s already and she’s all set. But I have to be back where I live because of work.”

Luckily for the state, the hurricane didn’t hit directly, but some areas experienced heavy rain and winds. I reached out to him again as a courtesy follow-up, like I said before, mostly because of his mother.

There were some back-and-forth messaging, reiterating again that I was available to help in whatever possible capacity.

He kept thanking me for everything, which is a trait of him that I was glad he hadn’t changed on. He’s the type of person that when he thanks you, even for the smallest of things, he really means it. He won’t say it because of manners or common sense, unlike the majority of people that I know.

The other thing he hadn’t changed on, but I don’t like, was that there was always a reply to my messages, even when I was trying to conclude the conversation (“TTUL, etc.”). There was this underlying feeling that he wanted to have the last word, be in control of the conversation, and decide how the interaction between both parts would be. And it was giving me a bad vibe.

It was actually taking me back to a place I didn’t want to be. So after I sent my last message I deleted the whole thing. And when I saw that he again replied, I deleted it without reading it. Enough already!

After that day, I decided not to contact him again. It may have been a “light” conversation, but had it been through the phone, I don’t think it would have stayed in just the hurricane topic.

Even more, let’s say that something had happened on my end and I was affected, he would have maybe reached out to me because that’s his character, not because he was really concerned about my wellbeing. And that’s a sad thing to say, but it’s how I feel.

But, hey, I feel the same towards him. After 5 years of non-communication, still being blocked on his social media, plus the cold treatment of not wanting to talk about me, why should I care about him?

A long time ago he taught me that when a guy wasn’t worth it, to basically “get rid of him”, so I did.

“You have learned well, grasshopper.” -Kung Fu



A few days after the intermediary and the other guy situation leveled down, I was contemplating whether I should try giving my former friend a call.

On one hand I was sort of trusting what my bestie was saying about him and his “lighter” demeanor. On the other, after 5 years of non-communication and tensions still there, is a friendship comeback really worth the effort?

I was at a point in my life that I had written him off completely. The only thing that was left was all the memories we once shared.

Oh, the memories, the good times… Those sweet innocent moments lingering in your mind that makes you feel special and longing for them to happen again. And that’s where the problem is!

What is the thing that people have kept telling me I should do regarding anything personal to me? “Put your past behind!”

Having said that, he definitely is still stuck there; that’s why he “doesn’t want to talk about me”. And I’m definitely because, although he’s “non-existent” in my life, I haven’t forgotten what he did. I’ve kept it “present” as a hard-learned lesson for the now and later.

And when you tell yourself that the good outweighs the bad (and that’s maybe enough to give a comeback a try), all you’re doing is creating this fairy-tale fantasy only seen in movies, where all that joined you before will magically bring you back together again and all is forgiven and forgotten.

Reality is that it wasn’t just one incident that caused the end of the friendship. It started building up until it exploded. Its impact was so strong that all that comes to mind is that unforgiving moment and everything else gets put aside. In other words, there’s no “lighter” side to this.

And when it does,  there’s no second chances here, no “if things have happened differently”, no “maybe there was a misunderstanding”, no “you’re going to lose your friendship over this?”, no “you shouldn’t be so drastic “. The first time should have been the last time.

So back into the phone call. There’s a part of me that’s saying to do it and “get it over with”, while another feels that “it won’t change anything.” Decisions, decisions.

What the hell. What else can I loose that I haven’t already? 10 minutes of my life that I will never get back? Yep, pretty much.

I will start by saying that anyone who becomes an intermediary, middle man, negotiator of any kind (whether intentional or not) where at least two people are involved, are in a really bad position. Thus the term “love triangle”; that person usually is in-between a messy situation created by the other two that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Case in point, this guy and me. Whether my bestie is trying to make some sense of me with this guy or me hoping that she can manage to bring back the friendship in some miraculous way, the thing is that being the third part of the polygon is a painful point that no one should be hit with.

I admit it was a mistake from my part to have her be in this position. When this guy kept saying he didn’t want to talk about the ending of our friendship, in spite that he supposedly “doesn’t hate me”, the message was clear that he was not willing to put down his guard and neither was I.

The tension was alive and well, so much that I told her that if we ever talked again and he regressed back to attacking me verbally, all hell was going to break loose from my side. I made it very clearly I wasn’t going to put up with it again. That if he was willing to have a conversation without going to the past, then maybe a new starting point could happen.

I wanted to believe from her that he was “lighter” in his character, but when I tried to connect with him via text as a start (because social media blocking was still in effect)  and got no response from him, I immediately took a step back and let her know.

I didn’t ask her to intervene, but the back-and-forth was already happening, so indirectly she was forced to.

She was making screenshots of the texting she was having with him regarding the telephone blocking (don’t know why because I trust her word). Apparently the bitch had managed to get into his phone and do it (damn her!), and as soon as he corrected it on his phone, ta-da! All good!

The other mistake I did was that while all this was happening, I was also sending text messages to another guy (not mentioned in this site yet) with whom I also had a fallout. With this second, it was one of those situations that I had no business getting into and instead got myself into deep water.

Although it was all my fault, I deleted him on everything until my emotions leveled down. And I took the courage to write him an apology of how wrong I was, that I don’t like ending things with people on a bad note, and that I would understand if he never spoke to me again.

All the while tears were coming down non-stop. Why? Because it always has to do with a guy. Because she had gotten back with him and I… whatever. Because it has been 5 years since all unraveled and any hope of things being again what they once were was long lost.

Then with the other man, while texting him “I know you probably don’t want to know anything about me” (“I’m not a monster”, said he), and him realizing later that I had unfriended him (he: “why did you do that?”, me: “because I was upset”), on a conversation that ended by him saying that he had feelings for me, but was not in love, (“I’m sorry I can’t feel any different. I don’t have a button. I wished it would be different. You’re a great woman and deserve good.), I reconnected and promised myself never to treat him the way I did ever again.

And then it hit me. Notice the contradiction between these two men? While my ex-friend still had me blocked on social media, who acted like a monster towards me at the end of the friendship and was unwilling to discuss me, this other person has never blocked me, listened to what I had to say, and has no hard feelings towards me in spite of my actions. He did what my former friend never did: gave me a second chance and recognized the good I have within me.

And “the intermediary”? She did what she could within the rules of engagement, up to encouraging me to give my ex-friend a call, knowing of course that this was a shot fired straight into the air. Where will it fall? Let’s see.


et cetera